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The Order of the 9

In 1885 a well-known top-secret society ruled the world, and legend has it they were responsible for some of the most mysterious and unresolved cases.

The society quickly realised that they needed a sect that would do all their dirty work, and thus the Order of the 9 Angels were born.

The order of the 9 refers to the 9 deadliest assassins that has walked this earth. Over the years the group were responsible for some of the world’s most gruesome deaths…

And for over a 100 years this deadly and very secret organisation has managed to keep all their dealings under the radar — until now….

As an avid seeker of truths, you and your comrades have uncovered some shocking intelligence; The lair of the Order of the 9 is here right here in Umhlanga, right under everyone’s noses.

There are some who say that this study contains a secret location where the 9 come together to perform their secret rituals.
You managed to sneak past security and have found yourself in a secret and mysterious study, rumoured to be the meeting place of the 9.

Can you get out before you are discovered and end up on the news as another unsolved and rather bizarre death?

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The Forgotten Temple

Exciting News!!

A new, unexplored ancient Mayan Temple was discovered just 3 weeks ago! Archaeologists are both excited, and baffled – they have found inscriptions referencing a dreaded curse, but cannot decipher the exact descriptions! They requested assistance, but it seems we have a massive problem!

The first team of archaeologists that entered to explore the temple have not been heard from since. The locals tell tales of an ancient curse, a Mayan King and the death of his first born. We need your team to venture in to a long forgotten time with flickering fires and secret passages. It seems many teams have entered, but none have escaped…

Do you have what it takes to escape before falling victim to the dreaded curse?

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Bunker 51

In 1948 a mysterious Unidentified Flying Object was spotted flying low over Umhlanga. Despite extensive news coverage, the government discounted the sightings as a low flying plane landing at Virginia Airport.

More than 70 years later in April 2019 – we discovered secret government files had been leaked. The files contain plans for a secret underground base called Bunker 51. They also contain information of proven alien life, and how the government covered it up.

With this information on hand, our team have uncovered the entrance to this mysterious secret base. We do have a problem though, we have not been able to decode the puzzle needed to open the door.

Can you and your gang solve the mystery and enter the bunker before getting caught? Will you be able to uncover and explain the alien cover up? Hurry, we urgently need your assistance before the bunker is lost forever….

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Escape to Treasure Island

An eccentric, world renowned, multibillionaire and a secret island containing buried treasure sounds like the biggest heist your team has ever attempted…

Alberto Sylvester has always been very open in the media about his wealth and sometimes he’s a little bit too open which is perfect for someone like you and your team of cat burglars who will strike and pounce at any given opportunity.

Just recently he has announced that he has bought an island off the Damona Shores called Nerina Springs. So, when news that Mr. Sylvester has gone away on a business trip for a few days airs on the news and your team receives an anonymous tip that the island contains secret buried treasure, you hatch a plan. But one of your team members have double crossed you and have told Sylvester about the treasure!

So, you and your remaining team have just one hour to break into Sylvester’s office and beat him to Nerina Springs in order to find and claim the buried treasure before his team of security catch you and arrest you. Do you think you have what it takes to pull of the biggest heist in history???

*** Recommend for children and teens

The Great Time Escape

For years the thought of time travel was but a myth until now…..

Just like you and I Dr. Felix Fergerson grew up thinking time travel was something only talked about or shown in Sci-fi movies but he never lost hope, he was determined to prove that time travel did exist and that he would be the first person to create a working time travel machine.

Dr. Fergerson dedicated and spent his entire life working on this project and after 40 years finally managed to get his time machine working, but when you are dealing with something as new as time travel, mistakes were bound to happen. So one day while working on his machine the time machine erupted and pulled Dr. Fergerson in with it.

The government decided to lock up his house and restrict access to everyone and no one has been allowed inside since but, we have managed to gain remote access to Dr. Fergerson’s house and you and your team of science enthusiasts have one hour before security notice and come searching for you.

Do you think you have what it takes to find out what happened to Dr. Fergerson and his fix his time machine before its too late…

*** Recommend for children and teens