Escape to Treasure Island


An eccentric, world renowned, multibillionaire and a secret island containing buried treasure sounds like the biggest heist your team has ever attempted…

Alberto Sylvester has always been very open in the media about his wealth and sometimes he’s a little bit too open which is perfect for someone like you and your team of cat burglars who will strike and pounce at any given opportunity.

Just recently he has announced that he has bought an island off the Damona Shores called Nerina Springs. So, when news that Mr. Sylvester has gone away on a business trip for a few days airs on the news and your team receives an anonymous tip that the island contains secret buried treasure, you hatch a plan. But one of your team members have double crossed you and have told Sylvester about the treasure!

So, you and your remaining team have just one hour to break into Sylvester’s office and beat him to Nerina Springs in order to find and claim the buried treasure before his team of security catch you and arrest you. Do you think you have what it takes to pull of the biggest heist in history???

*** Recommend for children and teens






2-7 participants