The Great Time Escape


For years the thought of time travel was but a myth until now…..

Just like you and I Dr. Felix Fergerson grew up thinking time travel was something only talked about or shown in Sci-fi movies but he never lost hope, he was determined to prove that time travel did exist and that he would be the first person to create a working time travel machine.

Dr. Fergerson dedicated and spent his entire life working on this project and after 40 years finally managed to get his time machine working, but when you are dealing with something as new as time travel, mistakes were bound to happen. So one day while working on his machine the time machine erupted and pulled Dr. Fergerson in with it.

The government decided to lock up his house and restrict access to everyone and no one has been allowed inside since but, we have managed to gain remote access to Dr. Fergerson’s house and you and your team of science enthusiasts have one hour before security notice and come searching for you.

Do you think you have what it takes to find out what happened to Dr. Fergerson and his fix his time machine before its too late…

*** Recommend for children and teens






2-7 participants