The Order of the 9


In 1885 a well-known top-secret society ruled the world, and legend has it they were responsible for some of the most mysterious and unresolved cases.

The society quickly realised that they needed a sect that would do all their dirty work, and thus the Order of the 9 Angels were born.

The order of the 9 refers to the 9 deadliest assassins that has walked this earth. Over the years the group were responsible for some of the world’s most gruesome deaths…

And for over a 100 years this deadly and very secret organisation has managed to keep all their dealings under the radar — until now….

As an avid seeker of truths, you and your comrades have uncovered some shocking intelligence; The lair of the Order of the 9 is here right here in Umhlanga, right under everyone’s noses.

There are some who say that this study contains a secret location where the 9 come together to perform their secret rituals.
You managed to sneak past security and have found yourself in a secret and mysterious study, rumoured to be the meeting place of the 9.

Can you get out before you are discovered and end up on the news as another unsolved and rather bizarre death?

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2-6 participants